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The Canadian Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS) was established to provide employees with information about the hazardous materials they produce, handle, store, use or dispose of in the workplace.  To facilitate compliance with this requirement and educate our employees on workplace chemical hazards, the Corporate SHE Department has developed an online WHMIS training. This training is mandatory for all employees working with chemicals (not including office supplies and consumer chemicals) and employees who could be potentially exposed to chemicals.


The quiz is password-protected.  You will find the password at the last slide of WHMIS presentation. In order to pass, you will need to review all training materials and answer correctly 70% of the quiz questions at the end of the training. Safety Department will issue your WHMIS certificate upon completion of the training and passing of the quiz. The result will be recorded in our online database automatically. You will have an option to review your answers and correct answers.


Please enter your email address in the User ID field and forward the auto email generated at the end of the quiz to your safety coordinator!


WHMIS Training



Presentation (MS PowerPoint)

Understanding MSDS

Interactive review of WHMIS Symbols


In addition, site-specific training is required on safe handling, toxic effects, and exposure prevention/control techniques for workplace hazardous substances (as specified in the training package presented).



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